The Boston University School of Visual Arts is proud to present the 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibitions, showcasing the work of MFA graduate candidates in graphic design, painting, and sculpture. Two showcases will showcase their work at the Faye G., Jo and James Stone Gallery at Boston University Art Galleries.

The MFA thesis exhibitions kicked off with the MFA Painting and Sculpture Showcase, which is open until April 2. The MFA Graphic Design exhibition will be on view April 13-29 with an opening reception at the Stone Gallery on April 15 from 5-7pm.

Lucy Kim, Associate Professor of Art and Acting Graduate Chair in Painting and David Snyder, Assistant Professor of Art and Graduate Chair in Sculpture, share the following about the work and student resilience while navigating the uncertainty a pandemic can bring:

This remarkable group of students began their MFA journey in the fall of 2020, optimistic that the confusion and uncertainty of a global pandemic would soon fade away. Although those hopes turned out to be false, these artists persevered in their workshops and classes and continued to learn, grow, craft, break, scream, cry, laugh, sigh, and wonder. what it even means to make art right now. After the turmoil and uncertainty of the past two years, they realize they are reentering a landscape that has fundamentally changed.

As a teacher, it has been an honor to be part of their journey and to hear about their individual stories. The works in this exhibition indicate where each artist began almost two years ago, at a point of arrival today and where they can go. The strength of their efforts suggests overwhelming potential that fills us with hope.

Learn more about the Boston University School of Visual Arts and the 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibitions.

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